Sou100 Žižkov Sou100 Žižkov

Shared baking pans


Exactly for this occasion, there are shared baking pans of starters that will satisfy your tastes when you go for one beer with your friends. Not only they do look great, they are also incredibly tasty. It is up to you which one you would prefer. However, we recommend trying both.

Option 1

Potato chips with homemade tartar sauce

Traditional Olomouc cheese tartare with sourdough bread

Homemade pork crackling spread with sourdough bread

Sausages in black beer served with fresh bread

329 CZK

Option 2

Honey duck wings with vegetable crudités and garlic-parsley remoulade

Beef tartare with yolk, garlic and fried bread

Homemade duck liver pate with blackcurrant chutney and sourdough bread

Pickled cheese with vegetables, beer mousse, and fresh bread

549 CZK


Our menu is full of delicacies. You have taste for everything, and you cannot choose, still the same dilemma. In this moment, the shared baking pans are the right choice. Whether you share them with colleagues during a business dinner, with friends watching football or with your family at Sunday lunch, you will always be a star. We have created shared baking pans with the top meals from our menu so that you can taste the best that you will find in our Sou100.

Option 1

Half chicken

Fried pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and small cucumber salad

Six weeks matured cheese crumbed in homemade breadcrumbs and fried in butter, served with French or sweet potato fries and homemade tartar sauce

Choice of 1 additional side dish and 1 sauce

529 CZK

Option 2

Rump steak from grill

Pork tenderloin from grill

Pork rib roast with coleslaw salad, fresh horseradish, mustard and bread

Choice of 2 additional side dishes and 2 sauces

619 CZK